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YAAA Social Justice Committee - Asian Community Statement

The Yale African American Affinity Social Justice Committee (YAAA Social Justice Committee) is devastated and outraged by the violence in Georgia that has senselessly taken eight lives, six of whom were Asian American women. As we continue to mourn with the families of these victims, we acknowledge the intersectionality of race, gender and class that continues to fuel anti-Asian violence in America today. We will continue to remember these victims as we collectively fight for change through our anger and grief.

Yale University New Haven Hiring Initiative Features YAAA

The month of February is Black History Month, a time dedicated to honoring African American communities’ contributions and achievements. The Yale University New Haven Hiring Initiative  spoke with Yale African American Affinity Group (YAAA) co-chairs Reese McLeod and Cherice McNeil about how YAAA celebrates the legacy of African Americans who shaped our history and their journey of belonging at Yale.  Read more.