YAAA Career Connections

Empowering Confidence Recap

On May 8th, Future Leaders of Yale, LGBTQ Affinity Group, Working Women’s Network, Yale African Affinity Group, and the Office of Diversity & Inclusion co-sponsored Empowering Confidence with Alyssa Dver. Empowering Confidence was held via Zoom, where 160+ people tuned in to learn about their superpower (confidence). As CEO of the American Confidence Institute, Alyssa Dver spoke about what confidence is and is not, the brain science behind confidence, confidence villains, and how confidence is a choice.

In the Community: Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen

During this Covid-19 crisis, our leadership Co-Chairs Fallon Thomas and Cherice McNeil have been guiding us to reappropriate our YAAA budget to support vulnerable communities and businesses in New Haven. Seven of Yale’s affinity groups contributed funds to provide Koffee Katering sandwiches to the Downtown Evening Soup Kitchen on April 14, which serves 130 people daily experiencing homelessness or living in poverty.