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Forget Type A and Type B. These days, job seekers need to be Type R

When life throws you a curveball—a setback at work, a job loss, or a painful event in your personal life—how do you react?

If you use the experience as an opportunity to get smarter, stronger, and better prepared for your next move, you may already be what co-authors Ama Marston and Stephanie Marston call a “Type R”: someone skilled at using tough times as a catalyst for growth.

Career Spotlight - Pamela Cox

What are your main responsibilities?

My main responsibilities include administrative logics for all the Managing at Yale programs, assisting the Workday team with fundamental projects (like Workday Learning, and Zoom), as well as teaching the classes Taking Pride in Your Job and Best Foot Forward to staff, plus a plethora of other tasks that my role requires to ensure that our HR partners, staff and the overall Yale community gets the best service we can provide.

How did you begin your career at Yale?

Pregnancy Study

If you are 18 years or older, pregnant for the first time, and African-American, you may be eligible to participate in this study. This study examines women’s experiences of discrimination and the things that women do to have a healthy pregnancy. The interview will last 45-60 minutes and you will receive $40 for participating.

To learn more or see if you are eligible to participate, contact Renee Mehra at (203) 737-6393
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Career Spotlight - Carolyn Mutts

What are your main responsibilities?

As a custodial team leader (CTL) I delegate work duties for the day. I also check the call out line to see if anyone has called out and their reason for calling out. I send my supervisor an email and notify her of coverage for the day as well as speaking to her verbally for the plan for the day to check for changes. I also check emails from customers to see if there’s anything they want me to get done. After the morning activities, I return to my work area.