YAAA Career Connections

Creating A Career Plan Recap

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Lao Tzu

Sandra LaJeunesse, Founder and Partner of Odyssey Consulting presented a session on, Creating a Career Plan. The objectives of the session were to identify, clarify interests and desired workplace culture, and determine existing contacts, information, and resources for career decisions. During the breakout sessions, participants enjoyed highly engaged conversations in teams.   

Importance of Affinity Groups Relayed to Managers in Message from Mike Peel

Vice President of HR, Mike Peel recently sent the below communication to all Yale managers describing the importance and relevance of Affinity Groups for employees. He encouraged managers to allow employees to attend events during business hours, as they benefit the entire University. We are extremely proud to have the support of Mike and HR in our goals to make Yale a better place to work, and look forward to increased flexibility by of managers in allowing their employees the ability to attend YAAA events that may overlap with their working time.